Strategic solutions that align

with you goals and priorities

As a client of Baytree Capital, you have access to specialized services as well as resources ordinarily reserved for the world's largest institutions.



I'd like to grow and

protect my assets.

Individualized portfolios

Creating customized solutions to help support your investment objectives by providing you access to strategies that align with your priorities.

I plan to expand or

transition my business.

Business related services

Helping you prepare your company for what's next from IPO's, financing, expansion, transition and succession planning to help you manage the sale of your business.

I want my family to be

good stewards of wealth.

Financial education

Helping all generations of your family to understand the different dimensions of wealth through facilitated family meetings and educational programs.

My lifelong goal is to support causes that matter to me.


Helping you transform your charitable goals into meaningful action, whether for yourself, a family foundation or a non-profit organization. We'll work with you to build a giving strategy that aligns to your passions and purpose.

Leaving a legacy is

important to me.

Trusts and estates

Helping you develop your wealth transfer strategy to minimize taxes, foster responsibility in heirs and ensure assets are distributed and used as you intend.