Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Our Mission Statement...
Founded by investment banker Michael Gardner in 1990, Baytree Capital is a merchant bank focused on the micro and mid cap space. The firm aggressively manages accounts for ultra high net worth individuals, investing in growth oriented public and private equity. The firm also provides investment banking services including M&A advisory, restructuring, raising capital, and alternative public offerings.
Since its inception, Baytree Capital has provided significant funding and advisory services to small and mid-sized public companies, as well as companies preparing to enter the U.S. public markets.
Baytree Capital believes that small companies need access to high level financial services that would not otherwise be made available to them, such as capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and exit alternatives.
Baytree Capital always put significant amounts of its own or its principals money in investments - sharing both the risks and rewards with their partners.
Over the years, both the investors and the companies that have been served by Baytree have consistently benefited from Baytree's ability to structure highly successful privately placed investments.
Baytree Capital's belief is that the best formula for investing is to find unique undervalued companies and elevate their potential by the infusion of capital along with a Baytree's vision and guidance.
In an increasingly complex world, Baytree Capital saw the need for niche growth equity. Those principles remain to this day and are at the core of Baytree's investment strategies.
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